Some Kind of…

Some Kind of… is a miscellany of pithy prompts, nudges, and vague ideas for when you just don’t want to describe something with absolute precision.

Following in the footsteps of From Unknown Realms and Brace For Impact!, it’s a GM tool for those moments in a game when you just need something to hang your space helmet off of.

You might use it to quickly generate a response to a query, a call for help, or offer an alternative view from a Non-Player Character. It’s built around the idea that sci-fi can be tough to contextualize — because it’s hundreds of years in the future and thousands of light-years away — which means scripts often refer to something in general terms.

It’s some kind of energy field,” mutters the security officer.

It’s some kind of alien alarm system,” announces the science officer.

It’s some kind of shorthand for the script writers to get around describing something when there’s no reason frame of reference!

Some Kind of… might give you an idea to start an adventure or offer something to complicate matters. It could kickstart a one-shot or offer a side trek when it looks like the current adventure might end too quickly.

You can pick Some Kind of… up for $1.29, or grab it in a bundle including From Unknown Realms and Brace For Impact! for $6.95 on DriveThruRPG.

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