Forgotten Duty – Release

A visit to the University of Navarra—located in Pamplona, Spain—in search of a rare book—the chronicles of a monk who claimed to have witnessed visions of other worlds—leads to a grim investigation.

Forgotten Duty is a short investigation—probably 6 – 8 hours of play—written for The Cthulhu Hack but playable with any system geared toward Lovecraftian horror. Set in modern-day northern Spain, the investigation has the potential to set the starting point for a wider campaign. It also links loosely into other earlier adventures, providing the potential to run into or from other investigations.

The adventure includes:

  • a 27-page adventure, including deep background, timeline, GM guidance, non-player character write-ups and several maps of locations—to supplement uses of Internet-accessible maps for more general reference
  • a single page of tables for randomly generating the names and mannerisms of non-player characters
  • a section of handouts
  • a set of five pre-generated characters—though the investigation includes thoughts on linking existing characters and their personal motivations
  • an overview of a new alternate Special Abilities mechanic for one-shots

The playtest and development of this investigation was supported through The Cthulhu Hack Patreon.

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