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Just Crunch Games’ Sanction is the system that underlies the award-winning Elizabethan supernatural investigation game The Dee Sanction. Sanction is a role-playing game designed for a Game Moderator and one or more players, the sweet spot being around three or four.

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Author Paul Baldowski started working on The Dee Sanction in 2014. He found the most challenging part settling on a game mechanic that supported the game’s theme. The Dee Sanction Kickstarted in 2020 with the support of 1,042 backers and the Sanction system.

Sanction is an uncomplicated system for challenge-driven games, with player characters who are usually anything but heroes. The mechanics keep the game rolling. Facing a challenge means success if you roll a 3 or higher or success with consequences if you roll a 1 or 2.

Players use dice of variable sizes — perhaps a four-sided when the ability is weak or conditions working against them, stepping all the way up to a twelve-sided for areas of expertise, using the right tools, and with all things working in their favour.

Sanction provides a core universal system over which you wrap around a genre setup that provides:

  • New character generation tables;
  • Setting specific additions and tweaks to the mechanics; and,
  • The background of the genre itself for adventures to play out in.

The Kickstarter will fund a basic 36-page illustrated book at £2,000.

After the core book, stretch goals increment at £2,000 levels and open up a new genre setup:

► The Agency: Lo-fi espionage with dysfunctional intelligence operatives wage a secret war against enemies too dark or obscure for the public face of espionage to handle. An off-the-books spy setting. It is funded at £4,000.

The £4,000 goal will also embed The Agency setting into the printed book, expanding the overall count to 44 pages — including additional art.

► Thruster Gold: With the Overlord defeated and the hero who defeated him gone, chaos reigns amongst the factious rebels. Only your gaggle of mismatched minions can handle the battle against factious rebels attempting to fill the power vacuum. A pulp setting. It is funded at £6,000.

The £6,000 goal will also unlock a 3rd Party/Community Licence, allowing anyone to make adventures, adversaries, or hacks for Sanction, whether to sell or publish for free.

► Safety Lies in Fear: A prequel to The Dee Sanction. Henry VIII shattered the monastic network of Catholicism in England. He took the wealth and power for his own, but much remains buried for the treasure-seekers and scavengers… And something dangerous lies in wait, posing a threat that will spread far beyond these shores. It is funded at £8,000.

► In the Midst of Shades: In the enlightened age of science, industry and expansion under the benevolent patronage of Queen Victoria, you are the vilified, disproven and ridiculed members of the Ghost Society, and there’s something strange afoot… is this an invasion from beyond? A setting of Victorian supernatural investigation. It is funded at £10,000.

The campaign will run for three weeks, starting 9th September 2023.

  • The £6 Shade Hunter tier backs for a PDF;
  • The £10 Eager Minion tier backs for a softcover, plus a PDF; and,
  • The £30 Treasure Seeker tier includes a Sanction design dice bag, a neoprene folding dice tray, the softcover book and a PDF.

All levels will have access to any digital genre setup stretch goals.

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  1. Sadly I could not get to the kickstarter in time. Please let me know when the digital copy is available and where to purchase/download it. Huge fan of Dee Sanction and I cannot wait to read this one.

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