Sanction is Available Now

I’m pleased to announce that Sanction is available to purchase or pre-order now.

A toolbox system for multi-genre challenge-driven role playing games, Sanction provides the underlying mechanics for the award-winning Dee Sanction.

Sanction is a set of “Universal Rules for Challenge-driven Games,” a collection of coherent game mechanics for one-off or serialised roleplaying. Stripped down, flexible, and intended to be hacked to suit your needs, it allows you to use the system to create your own adventures. And you can do just that with Sanction’s Community Created Content licence — whether for free or to sell — and have your own material Wrought By Sanction.

Sanction isn’t about covering every outcome from the outset but providing you with the mechanics, tools, and guidance to introduce rules when needed. To that end, it contains guidance and tools for game moderation and hacking. The core book also includes two sample Genre Setups that provide ready-to-play Sanction settings, The Agency and With Guile, Incantation and Faith.

You can download the PDF now from DriveThruRPG — Sanction in PDF.

Or, you can pre-order the softcover from All Rolled Up — Sanction in print.

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