With Guile, Incantation and Faith Released

Within the Shattered Dominion’s bounds, the great conflict’s shadows blanket the land like a suffocating smoke. Ruins pierce the roiling fumes while communities fight to find new prosperity amid the debris. The Warriors of the Grand Guild are at the forefront of the push, raging with the dwindling power of the Last Gods. They spasm righteous wrath, clearing a bloody path. And in their wake, the Lesser Orders of the Grand Guild walk — the Scholars, the Chaplains, the Rogues, and the hired help. Support. An entourage. But, as the support act, you’re not meant to look good or upstage the hero, but in a life-or-death struggle, what can you do?

Can you survive With Guile, Incantation and Faith?

The realm is everything, and it is nothing. What once held strong now lies in ruin, a fragmented jigsaw of civilisation and desolation. But, for you, it provides a bin into which you can stow your half-delivered projects. When you’ve run through a dungeon but feel you left most of it unexplored, With Guile, Incantation and Faith is the answer. If you designed something for a convention and ran short on time, With Guile, Incantation and Faith is the answer. For those dungeons you enjoyed designing but never felt you got full value at the table… well, you know the drill.

A 20-page expansion of one of the Genre Setups presented in Sanction. The supplement delves deeper into the world of the Shattered Dominions with a refreshing way to recycle and reuse your unwanted subterranean labyrinths.

  • Discover the Lesser Orders, including expanded Ability options and two new Specialties — the Druid and the Ranger.
  • Cantrips in detail. This section considers each cantrip in detail, with potential uses and effects, and a brief consideration of the fall of true sorcery.
  • Timing your adventures and controlling the Warrior’s whims through The Oracle‘s vagueries.
  • Dissecting Dungeons. A deeper deliberation on what remains in your half-used dungeons, including occupants, wanderers, complications, hazards, and other distractions.

Requires a copy of Sanction to play and one or two leftover dungeons of your choosing.

Available on DriveThruRPG.

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