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A breakfast bowl full of polyhedral diceThanks for taking the time to visit and find out more about Just Crunch Games and what we have to offer!

First – a little about me. I’m Paul Baldowski, a UK born and based writer who has been involved in role playing since 1984. In my teens, I contributed to Delusions of Grandeur, wrote several play-by-mail games, and spent time writing as a columnist for the Roleplayer Independent magazine. In the mid-Noughties, I stumbled across Allen Varney‘s project to re-launch PARANOIA and became part of the Traitor Recycling Studio – assisting with writing Crash Priority, Flashbacks, Stuff, Stuff 2, Service Service, and culminating with The Underplex, my first major solo writing project.

Currently, I’m working with Arion Games‘ Graham Bottley reviving Maelstrom, which has included writing The Sward and The Stone, an adventure, and The Beggars Companion, a larger volume providing considerable detail on running a Tudor beggar character or beggar troupe.

Just Crunch Games will bring you supplements, adventures and mini-modules. I GM a lot, so I appreciate material that provides me with all I need to kickstart me to another great session without all the trappings of tying me to a specific system. I also like what other Indie publishers have to offer, so I’m keen to promote package deals – bundles of material that mean you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything because the package has it covered. I’ll look to use illustrations, miniatures, maps, characters, treasures and more – and offer the whole kit rolled into one. If you choose to pick just a bit, go ahead – or indulge in the whole smorgasbord and reap the benefits of really being prepared!

We aim to update the web site regularly, so please come back often. Use the navigation to explore – or follow us through other social networks like TwitterFacebook and Google+.

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