UK Games Expo – T Minus 34 days

Games Expo 2009

While I have more than a month to get myself ready for my three day attendance at UK Games Expo in Birmingham, it doesn’t feel like long at all. On top of running 5 games, I also have various bits of Just Crunch Games material to prepare – including physical copies of The Blessing of St Agnes, Interstellar Travel Events, and Another Bug Hunt.

You might have noticed there that I said ‘running 5 games’ like that might be something easy. In some measure, I hope it will be, as I don’t plan to do anything too taxing. Taxing isn’t going to be fun for anyone! I will be running games of Maelstrom and Outlive Outdead on the Friday, Hollowpoint and Advanced Fighting Fantasy on the Saturday, and Maelstrom again on the Sunday morning. Given the need to keep these sorts of games short and punchy, with a lot of fun thrown in for good measure, I plan to have some stripped back adventures and pre-generated characters, so we can all hit the ground running and enjoy the games.

In between all of these various games, I plan to spend some time working behind the stall of Arion Games, pushing a few of the games I’ve been running, offering up the copies of my own stuff, and also assisting my wife in the launch of All Rolled Up, which you will get more information about as time, and development, progresses.

This evening, I have been gathering various extras for inclusion in the Special Edition physical copy of The Blessing of St Agnes. The UK Games Expo event will get the updated edition (with even fewer spelling mistakes) with the addition of pictures and maps not included in the previous electronic edition (although, some of that material will be incorporated into the PDF after the event).

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