The Sanction of St Agnes

The Blessing Of St Agnes on Amazon UK

As I’m currently in the (long term) process of putting together a game system – called 214 – it seems very likely I’ll use some of my own material to put the crunch through it’s paces.

My adventure The Blessing of St Agnes puts the player characters in the situation of seeking out the fate of a kidnapped girl. Faced with a pleading, tearful (and wealthy) patron, the characters investigate about the potential fate of the girl and track clues across the village and local countryside attempting to track her down.

While the adventure has a dungeon aspect to it, various alternate plots and antagonists mean that no two versions of St Agnes will be the same. The ploys and questionable intentions of those responsible for the girls disappearance will alter the way the PCs have to deal with the situation and (hopefully) return her safely.

In addition to details of the Chapel of St Agnes and various individuals of significance, the adventure features an appendix with additional content to include, generic monster details, and – in this physical form – several handouts scattered around the book.

Given the suspicion and distrust surrounding the situation, from the PCs towards the locals and vice versa, the adventure will run well with 214. I may add further new material to the adventure – available to all – to support this use. With some thought, focus and a little pruning, I dare-say I can use this as a convention game next year (or perhaps for Hangout sessions, when I get around to running some!).

You can pick up physical copies of The Blessing of St Agnes on Amazon UK or in PDF format from RPGNow.

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