The Physical Cthulhu Hack

the-Cthulhu-Hack-softcoverI had the pleasure of coming home yesterday to find a box waiting for me. Inside, 40 copies of The Cthulhu Hack ready for sale and taking along to UK Games Expo.

I’ll be running games in the morning on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (not Hack games), but you can find me in and around the All Rolled Up stall on X-Wing Avenue in the afternoons.

If you somehow can’t find us – I’m also swapping copies with Peter Regan for Black Hack softcovers. So, you can get your dose of physical Hacks from the Squarehex stall.

Physical Specifics

The physical copy includes a copy of the character sheet – right at the back – but you can download the sheet for free from RPGNow / DriveThru. The download includes both the basic sheet and the extended ‘I have high hopes for character development’ version, which includes space for a character portrait, notes, character Special Features and a section for your character’s Last Will and Testament.


As with the copy currently available as a PDF, the softcover, perfect bound edition contains a reorganised game. You have sections on:

  • Core mechanics,
  • Creating a character,
  • Wealth and gear,
  • Time and movement,
  • Fighting and defense,
  • Sanity,
  • Antagonists,
  • Experience,
  • Spellcasting, and
  • Mythos 101

I favour margins for scribbling and clear text – so nothing too small, except where the A5 format necessitates it. I’ve run several sessions now and I’m happy with the core and I’m gathering ideas for optional stuff to go in Der Unaussprechlichen Hack.



I welcome feedback from your own play sessions, particularly relating to emulation of game elements from horror / sanity / stress / Mythos specific situations.

I would really love to hear how you’ve used the system, especially if you’ve tried a conversion of adventures from other Cthulhu-focussed games or horror investigation systems. I’ve had a positive experience, but I wrote the darn thing!

I also welcome reviews of the PDF or physical book on whatever sites or social media outlets you favour. Any sense I can get of how the system might adopt, adapt and overcome helps shape future releases. I have plans, but plans can change!

Buy Cthulhu Hack

You can get the softcover from All Rolled Up’s web store and the PDF of the Character Sheet from RPGNow. You can also get the PDF of The Cthulhu Hack from either RPGNow or DriveThru.

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