The Medieval Margin-agerie Zine Final Week

Funding in less than 24 hours, The Medieval Margin-agerie Zine offers NINE strange creatures escaped from the margins of medieval chronicles and illuminated texts.

As the crowd-funding moves into the final week, we’re offering expanded support for non-OSR game systems if we hit goals including and beyond £1,500.

We will produce a PDF for all backers with stats compatible with more games, expanding the value of The Medieval Margin-agerie Zine.

At £1,500, we will add support compatible with Troika!, the science fantasy game of wonder and wild adventures.

At £1,750, we will add support compatible with The Dee Sanction – Just Crunch Games’ world of Elizabethan investigation and historical intrigue.

And at £2,000, we will add support compatible with MÖRK BORG, the dark fantasy game of lost souls and doomed worlds.

Spread the word about the campaign, and follow us on our Twitter or Facebook pages or our Discord.

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