The Dee Sanction Kickstarter

What is The Dee Sanction?

A standalone tabletop role-playing game of Elizabethan heretics and traitors seeking absolution for their crimes; recruited as agents of Doctor John Dee to uncover and defeat supernatural forces hell-bent on overwhelming the realm.

What system does The Dee Sanction use?

The Dee Sanction uses something called Utility, a system that I’m initially developing for this game, but may use for others that follow. As a system, Utility serves a purpose in allowing the story to flow without hindering it with complexity. A player can see clearly where their skills lie and can understand their strengths and weaknesses at a glance.

I have no plans to change The Cthulhu Hack to run on this system; at this point, the modified version of The Black Hack 1e that TCH works on has proven itself solid. Indeed, I would look to take that same system into any forthcoming Cthulhu Hack 2e.

When is The Dee Sanction Kickstarting?

1st November 2020, for three weeks.

You can see a preview of the Kickstarter right now. Once the event starts, that same link will bring you straight to the live Kickstarter page.

I continue to refine the detail and offer, but the broad strokes won’t change.

The Kickstarter is all about getting the Core Book published for The Dee Sanction. If I can add more art, fill out the bestiary, and provide more adventures to kick you off, all the better—but no stretch goal will hold back physical fulfilment.

I don’t want my first Kickstarter to get messy; that’s why I waited until I had the book all but completed and finalised. If all goes well with The Dee Sanction, I hope to take the lessons learned forward to run a Kickstarter for The Cthulhu Hack 2e in 2021.

What does that mean for other games?

The work on other projects has slowed or halted while I’m focused on the Kickstarter. I have updates for Forgotten Duty and notes on an expansion for Electric Schemes, but these will have to wait.

I hope you might support the Kickstarter in the meantime and spread the word to others if you have enjoyed other games published by Just Crunch. If you post on social media, hashtag with #DeeSanctionRecruiting so that I can find you!

The Dee Sanction is adventure in a tumultuous time when the status quo changed for everyone, from the bottom to the top. Traditions, privileges, rights, beliefs – they were all in doubt, and it’s that doubt that has allowed magic and creatures of the supernatural to proliferate throughout the land.

Ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges pushed far outside of their safe zone. The game embraces all kinds of gameplay—investigation, intrigue, treasure-hunting, espionage—in a setting that already exists in the history books.

I think simple historical RPGs need more love. They’re games with instant settings and tons of already printed sourcebook, many that we will have read from school age. Tons of talented authors and academics support the line without even knowing it!

Remember: #DeeSanctionRecruiting and support the Kickstarter.

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