The Cthulhu Hack v1.5 Released

‪I have released the new version 1.5 of The Cthulhu Hack on RPGNow, available to everyone and accessible to all with the existing edition in their onsite Library.

Fast, flexible Lovecraftian tabletop horror upgraded. This is Lovecraftian roleplaying for the gaming group with no time for thick rule books and endless mechanics!

It’s entirely the same system as that released in 2016, but honed and refined over more than a year of open play, convention gaming, and more than 1,000 downloads. Centred around survival and investigation, the game keeps mechanics simple and character generation simpler.

New flexible character generation. New optional rules. Expanded format with an adventure and 2-page example of play to get you up and running. And backed by the usual range of supplements and adventures, all compatible whatever the edition – including horror generator From Unformed Realms and adventure design guide The Haunter of the Dark (nominated for a 2017 ENnie Award).

More than twice the content of the original in the same page count!

Take Lovecraft and the Mythos back to basics – and may Cthulhu have mercy on your battered soul!

The Cthulhu Hack v1.5 on RPGNow

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5 thoughts on “The Cthulhu Hack v1.5 Released

  1. Fantastic! Been waiting for this! However, you might want to run the text one more time for errors. For example, regarding just the page numbering: you have two page 20s, page 23 appears as XX (on wrong side of page), and there are two page 33s. Some of the column formatting looks a bit “off” as well. Ex: One word broken to far column at top of page 33 (one of them) when it should be part of of the previous column.

    1. My editing software works against me like some esoteric cult… Despite looking fine in edit, saving to PDF rendered completely different footers across a dozen pages; some of these issues only became visible by fixing others. Something closer to right has been uploaded, but editing of errors and errata continue… Thanks for your feedback and support, Tim.

  2. I kinda want a Cthulhu Hackendium (don’t keep the title!) with all the content in one book. Like, hardcover on Lulu.

    1. I have plans and they wouldn’t include Lulu. I have had it in mind that version 2.0 would be a combination of existing material in a settled state, with more entities, more pictures, extra support material and so forth. It would combine the core, From Unformed Realms, guidance elements from Haunter, and either a new adventure or a pile of seeding material like hooks and tables. The outcome would be available in soft, hard and leatherette binding. That’s the aspiration, anyway – and would likely involve a Kickstarter.

  3. KS is fine! It’s only drivethru that is a nightmare to non-us residents. 150$ shipping for three small 60 card packs might sound out of this world but that’s what I was offered… Please keep it EU friendly! And with lots of tables! (and monster stats, missing Shantaks)

    I ordered The haunter of the dark, expecting good things!

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