The Cthulhu Hack Unboxed

all-cthulhu-hack-boxI had the opportunity at Spiel 2016 (in Essen) to meet dozens, if not hundreds, of game enthusiasts and chat with them about the unique selling points of The Cthulhu Hack over all the many other options out there.

Quick to pick up and fast to get going, the system covers all the essentials needed for investigative role-playing in a book you could probably read in 20 minutes.

And I’m really pleased to see that one of the many customers that dropped by our stall (I shared the table with my wife’s business All Rolled Up) has taken the time to do an unboxing video (note: the whole video is in German, but I enjoyed watching nevertheless!) of the All Cthulhu Hack boxed set, including the Spiel-exclusive Save Innsmouth adventure booklet.

Thanks, David!

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