Strange Encounters Bundle

As a Doctor Who fan and a freelance tabletop RPG writer, I always find my worlds colliding. Indeed, even as I watched the first episode of the new series, I was taking notes to add stats for the Stenza!

To start with, I’ve created a simple tabletop roleplaying game called Renegade, just a few hundred words for quick, on-the-fly adventures.

And to help spawn those adventures, try Brace for Impact PLUS From Unformed Realms — combine them for a Chibnall-esque time-travelling role-playing experience.

Consult Appendix Z: Brace for Impact provides 20-pages of random encounters and a time-travelling twist, with the core rules for Renegade tucked away at the end. If you have already picked up CAZ:BFI, you now have extra content – as I added the infinity table (for time-travel shenanigans) and the Renegade rules as an update.

From Unformed Realms adds an essential non-Euclidean touch to your monsters, some more unsettling than others; then again, based on the evidence of one episode that seems the Chibnall way (I remember Day One).

You can pick it all up as a sub-$5 bundle from DriveThruRPG:

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