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I have run out of copies of The Cthulhu Hack core book, which means it’s time to get in touch with the printer to order more.

However, I’m aware that the current version of the core that I have doesn’t contain the expanded and tweaked version of the Hit Dice as Resource rules. And I have been meaning to reset the whole book since I invested in a version of PagePlus, intent upon avoiding the nightmares that Word has provided over the last couple of years.

Therefore, I have spent the last day or so tinkering with the book, adding the missing content, cleaning up anything else that I chance across, and getting the tables sorted.

If you can think of something that the book could really do with, tell me now; if you read it for the first time and thought “Huh?”, then I need to know about it.

I’m not looking at a root and branch re-write here; I’m talking about tightening anything that you didn’t get the first time. If I can tweak the text to benefit future readers, all the better. And if you suggest something that I use, then you can get your name in the first page credits as a Thank You for your continued support and gracious assistance.

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2 thoughts on “Stock Refresh

  1. Hi Paul, the only thing I had a bit of confusion over was the combat mechanics regarding enemies with multiple attacks etc. It made sense once I had read “Black Hack” but just had a problem when I first read it through.

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