Save Innsmouth in 2018

Behind some dread portal 2018 lurks, as 2017 stumbles to a close, blooded and strung out. In the distance, unnatural howls ring out, a guttural noise somewhere between an animal and a cry of pain. Something cuts short the sound… the rumble of machinery, the growl of an engine. The ground shudders as something draws closer.

All being well, that something will be Save Innsmouth – the project started with Save Innsmouth: Chapter Zero.

You can still get the original version separately or rolled into The Cthulhu Hack Investigations Bundle. Or, you can find the whole adventure tucked away in the back of the current Core Book.

The Student Documentary starts the whole thing. Or perhaps hints at it. In a way, it provides the player handout intended to get a group of investigators involved, as the events of Chapter Zero will most likelihood end up tucked away in the folds of a newspaper somewhere.

Yes, it could be front page news at any other time, but when you have a major corporation involved, these things sort of disappear. Students breaking into a protected construction site on the basis of some idiotic Save Innsmouth campaign run out of Arkham University… well, the site had all the necessary signs and warnings.

Their fate has everything to do with trespassing and nothing to do with the Dunold Group. The corporate legal arm of the Group would certainly have something to say about it if you suggested any different. As it is, the company has taken additional measures to secure the site and action has been taken against Michael Walker, the ‘president’ of the so-called action group.

Save Innsmouth will provide connected investigations in and around the events and incidents, providing a campaign that can form a point of focus or form a story arc to return to across your gaming year.

You can grab the existing PDF from RPGNow or DriveThruRPG, get it in The Cthulhu Hack Investigations Bundle or buy a physical copy of the adventure from the All Rolled Up web store.


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