Renegade Encounters

Renegade is my game of time travel adventure, and it has undergone a minor refresh. It has its own site in the form of my long-running Doctor Who appreciation page, Renegade Timelord, which takes elements from the long-running series and turns them into playable material.

Renegade uses the minimald6 system to provide a simple, accessible and narrative-driven rules-lite approach to adventures throughout time and space.

It’s also available in a bundle as Strange Encounters, which it includes:

Brace for Impact — a quick way to generate events that occur as you emerge into space from your travels; it includes the core Renegade system at the back of the book

Some Kind of — a compact set of random tables designed to create  hooks, nudges, and red herrings perfect for your next session of space opera or not-too-hard sci-fi; and,

From Unformed Realms — a voyage into alien horrors and xenomorph that challenge the existence of all other life in their ravaging of the star.

The Renegade Timelord site includes various additions and adventure ideas. With the refresh, we’re looking to continue the expansion of that material and update the core rules, too, with additional options.

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