Releases for Cthulhu Hack 2e

With the publication of Cthulhu Hack Second Edition, the crowd-funding supported the redux of two previously published supplements.

Island of Ignorance is a historical backdrop and setting designed for a one-off or campaign play with Cthulhu Hack. The 40-page illustrated bookmarked volume includes alternate character options, new Connections, investigation seeds, and an introductory adventure.

Originally released as Convicts & Cthulhu for Cthulhu Hack in 2016, the supplement has been rewritten from the ground up. A new Introduction to the campaign concept considers why you might play games here; while Colony Life provides a brief overview of key features, places and personalities. Age of the Mythos sets out the various entities that have existed here over countless millennia, while Creatures sets out those that remain to this day, including the fearsome Bhole. Short sections cover Characters and Running the Game before the supplement closes with an investigation into the events at Deptford Head in Long Ships and Short Fuses, a tale with multiple possible outcomes to suit your campaign ideas.

Thro’ Centuries Fixed is a modern investigation. A mystery unfolds as the characters wake in unfamiliar surroundings bereft of any hint of their lives before this moment. Scattered memories sketched out in sticky notes, receipts, annotated photos, and idle conversations with strangers begin to hint at something unsettling. In the wilderness, events unravel; the stirrings of ancient life and aeons old animosities that pre-date humanity.

An investigation that was released originally in 2016, with a very limited print run. It has remained available as a PDF since, but this edition has a completely new layout, images, maps, and illustrations, plus revisions for the Second Edition of the entities included—the Great Race and the Unseen—and two pages of tables for random handling of the player character’s amnesia.

Both Island of Ignorance and Thro’ Centuries Fixed are available now through DriveThruRPG. For physical copies, head to All Rolled Up for the softcovers of Ignorance and Centuries.

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