Raising Chickens

Cochin_(PSF)Random plot hooks for whole adventures, encounters or just rumours, based on a random book title drawn from my Storey Publishing deck of cards.

This time we have the untapped potential of the farmyard from the Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens.

Rolls d12:

1: Intellect – local scholar seeks to teach chickens rudimentary language skills to serve as a resource for his studies and field trips – much to the chagrin of local farmers
2: Awareness – wily street-monger trains chickens to harass customers into his pitch, swarming hapless travellers and passersby
3: Capital – beggars stealing chickens from local peasants and farmers to raise money
4: Family – a wild eyed woman, spattered with feathers and guano, seeks to adopt chickens into her extended household
5: Fuss – conniving hookman* scattered food around front doors to excite chickens as a means to draw attention away from his back window thievery
6: Questions – long-toothed street philosopher compares everything to the acts and wants of chickens, but much of his advice rings true and his reputation draws numerous onlookers
7: Rumpus – circus performer juggles and does seemingly impossible magical tricks with chickens
8: Expectations – aspiring champion of the people appears to owe his performance to a chicken he keeps in stately and pampered fashion in his chambers
9: Our Hands – diplomats discuss terms in distant arid lands under threat of terrible conflict, but the terms of agreement demands chickens and someone must wrest them from the holdings of a local monster
10: To Divinity – a settlement of ordinary, hard-working people rise each day at dawn to seek the wisdom and guidance of the holy chicken, who seems to have turned their fortunes around
11: Voices – local clans within a wider territory come to loggerheads after chickens from one break into the fields of the other and eat corn, though no one can account for the hole in the fence
12: The Dead – aspiring kotamancer** seeks to harness the destructive potential of a hoard of zombie fowl to wreak havoc on an agrarian kingdom

* a thief who uses a long hook to steal things; ** a magic user who specialises in the enchantment and manipulation of chickens


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