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In an attempt to generate some output, I’m trying to define a plan. I work better with deadlines. If I say that I’ll do something, but lack a drop dead date, I have a tendency to keep at it endlessly. Given a chance, I will edit and re-edit my work until it falls apart, like picking at the loose strings on a well worn jumper.

I have two immediate projects for the first quarter, both for Arion Games. We have the Maelstrom Sci-Fi Toolkit, that provides additional generic rules for Maelstrom to allow a group to run science fiction adventures. Then, I have plans to write a short piece about spying and espionage in Elizabethan England.

I have a strong suspicion aiming to get the second project done in the next three months presents an impossibility – so, my fallback will be to complete the Maelstrom Quarterly volume I have planned for the last year dealing with the Labourer living. Despite writing some two-thirds of the supplement, I have failed to budge beyond that threshold to a point where it might see the light of day. In a way, I have this problem quite a lot. I have this tendency to tinker and expand on something when I should just stop, publish, then move on to the next thing. If I want to expand a Maelstrom character living option – great. I need to get it done and out. I shouldn’t tag on any additional content like maps, adventure hooks or what have you.

So – the Sci-Fi Toolkit and one other supplement for Maelstrom – minimum – by the end of March 2013. I have made the commitment.

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