Period Names

the-haunter-of-the-dark-hack-cover-v1Some aspects of The Haunter of the Dark didn’t make it all the way through to the final edit. When you have a book that needs to go to print and a pressing need to reach a multiple of 4, the edit can mean dropping a page or two of content rather than padding out with two more.

In the mix, this meant losing some tables and cutting back on a few paragraphs here and there. One of the tables lost provided common names for Providence locals. Many times in a session I have needed a name for a random local – so, it seems like a fair bet that others experience the same issue.

In Unaussprechliche Hack, I plan to include more lists of names to ease you through those tough minutes of improvisation. For the moment, here you can have the four tables, 10 entries apiece, with common names for Irish and Italian residents of Providence, R.I., c. 1935.

Common Names

Male Female Male Female
Irish Italian
Denis Ann Alberto Angelina
James Bridget Alessandro Catarina
John Catherina Bernardo Elena
Martin Eliza Donato Gaetana
Michael Ellen Federico Margarita
Pat Johanna Giovanni Natala
Peter Julia Lorenzo Paolona
Tim Margaret Mariano Rosaria
Thomas Mary Pasqualo Santina
William Sarah Salvatore Teresa

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