Lost in The Fold—Release

Lost in the Fold is a new Genre Setup for Sanction.

It’s about a contained civilisation—who don’t know that’s what they are; heck, the GM might not know—with a slender thread of survival dependent on their community and its struggling systems, trusting in the Chain—an flow of essentials. All is not as it seems. When placed in a position of authority, Characters find more than they reckoned with, and their livelihood demands that they run a very fine line.

The 20-page PDF includes new genre setup character lifepaths, a brief background on The Fold, a new Pressure mechanic, four enemies, and a full adventure, Chain Reaction, suitable as an introduction to the setting or a one-shot/convention game.

The supplement was released to Kickstarter backers on April 14th, 2024. It will be available to everyone—through DriveThruRPG and itch.io—from April 21st, 2024. A physical print copy is planned for limited release at UK Games Expo and through All Rolled Up.

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