Cthulhu Hack Demo Pack

the-cthulhu-hack-henning-fcvr-v1I’m currently working up a Cthulhu Hack Demo Pack, which will include a 4-page booklet with a 2-page overview of the game, for players and GM alike, and a 2-page demo adventure, designed to run in 15 minutes or so for 1 or 2 players. To round that off, it will include two pre-generated characters using a simplified version of the current character sheet.

The character sheet keeps things straightforward, provides some explanation in-situ about how to use Saves – and looks great when laminated!

(I leave the lamination to you! I have no current plans to make laminated character sheets available through the online store at All Rolled Up or conventions… Unless I can work out a much simpler way of creating them.)

The adventure could be expanded if you want; you can use blank character cards to create additional pre-gens for a larger group. As the demo pack includes limited information (for space reasons), it doesn’t explain the different Classes from the core rules – so, all characters are just Investigators and I plan to use the Classless character creation system to put them together.

I hope to have the demo available by the start of December, released through RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.


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