Beware the Jurrawarra

Read through Waste-Land Beasts and How to Kill Them and felt I had to post a variant of the Yowie, as the Australian variant of the classic Big Foot (or the Yeti) has so many names and faces according to which Aboriginal tribe sighted them. Looking at some of the Waste-Land monsters clearly triggered something.

Aboriginal myth helps no end. It makes for great reading in preparation for a session of Convicts & Cthulhu, simply as a taster of the native culture and the rich mythology. I’m reading through a great book of Aboriginal Myths, Legends and Fables, which I thoroughly recommend. Short tales, ideal for bedtime reading!

Jurrawarra (4HD)

Yowie from Tales of the Cryptids

Jurrawarra range larger than Yowie, with broader shoulders and a bounding step. They have short dark, almost black, hair with a patch of blood-red fur on their chests, like some gruesome bib. Tales suggest a pent-up aggression, coiled tight, focused firmly on those trespassing in their wide-ranging hunting territory.

Actions and Specials
Claws (1d6, 2 attacks), when struck by the Jurrawarra, STR Save or thrown Nearby and fall prone.

[Lamplight] Scattered marks show the passing of kangaroos through the loose trees, the prints deep in the loose soil. Then the ‘roo trails explode wide, as if suddenly panicked, and several trees show the marks and ruptures of splintering impacts, the bark sticky with blood and fur. Something attacked, hard; either battering the ‘roo against the trees like beating dust from a blanket, or throwing them, like a sack of swedes, into the trunks with immense strength.

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