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Current projects in progress:

An almost modern day investigative/mystery adventure called ‘The Mobius Clause‘ sees the players taking on the roles of characters attending a key political event and attempting to avert the premature and sudden collapse of the world state into the Cold War.

A setting and adventure for historical (or fantasy) games set during the time of the Avignon Papacy – or, in a fantasy setting, an enclave of a fragmentary sect of a major religion. Paranoia and fear stalk the rich and splendid halls of the great castle of the pope, and the players assume the roles of lowly monks and laity embroiled in events that find their world under siege on all sides.

And, in the Arion Games line, I continue to poke away at the Maelstrom Sci-Fi Toolkit, a set of modifications, customisations and alterations to allow any Maelstrom referee to take the classic 80s ruleset of Tudor adventure out into the interstellar realms of the future.

And yesterday, as planned, I released the One-Page ‘dungeon’ adventure Below Market Pryce’s, where a local realtor seeks the characters assistance in ridding an empty property of a troublesome nuisance.

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