Cthulhu Hack Adventure Submissions

the-haunter-2I’m currently considering submissions (and commissions) for The Cthulhu Hack adventures to fill out the release schedule for next year.

I have half a dozen things already mapped out – including an optional rules supplement, a campaign book, and a GM screen – but, I would like to have something new released every month.

Adventures will be between 4,000 – 8,000 words, would see release as a PDF (with the possibility of physical compilation at a later date), and compensation would come as an agreed percentage over the first year of release.

If you have an interest, I’m looking for brief proposals – no more than a hundred words. I’m not setting down any commitments or making any promises. I will take note and get back to you when the time comes.

Actual rates for any commission will come as part of our individual discussion – and as a small self-publisher, I absolutely reserve the right not to pursue anything that won’t benefit both parties. Long term financial security and fame does not lie at the other end of this email address (for either of us!).

Understanding the mechanics and approach of the game will help a lot – as any proposal provided that needs considerable work in editing will attract less favourable return!

I’m seeking submissions of classic Lovecraftian investigation in any period or setting not tied to any other publisher – so, it’s possible if I like what you’re suggesting we might need to wrangle the subject matter firmly into the public domain.

If that sounds of interest, send your proposal to commissions AT cthulhuhack.com – and I’ll confirm my receipt in due course. Then, I’d suggest you settle back into the humdrum of the real world while I work through the possibilities.

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